Lesson 4: No Stone Left Unturned

With the circus effect, it’s all about finding ways to get in front of new individuals who may or may not already be working. It’s all about increasing your visibility and increasing the audience size for your message.

Today we will continue in that vein and take it one step further.

To review, you have:

Banners, flyers, yard signs and posters up in high traffic areas.

You are telling your community all about your open positions and (hopefully) how great you are to work for.

But are you telling everyone in your community? Are all your signs in English? What about the Spanish speaking individuals who live in your community?

Remember, we are trying to cast the biggest net and draw in as many candidates as possible.

Take your signs, flyers and yard signs and translate them into Spanish. Now that you’ve had them translated take him to the local bodega or grocery store that specializes in Spanish cuisine. Take one of the Flyers with you to your local AM Spanish radio station. You may be surprised to learn how inexpensive radio advertising is.

Take a serious look at your community and ensure that you’re being truly inclusive. What other languages are commonly used in your community?

If you’re concerned about interviewing or simply communicating with those individuals who do not speak your language, don’t worry, there’s an app for that. We may be going old school here, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take advantage of modern tech to make our lives easier.

Remember to think outside the box. In the circus effect we talked about getting the churches involved with your recruiting efforts. Where does your audience go to worship? Are you leaving no stone unturned?