Lesson 2: New World, Old School

Is old school the new answer for recruiting?

In part, yes!

Before COVID, the stimulus checks, and our government choosing to boost unemployment, you could simply post an opening online, kick back and wait for the resumes to come flooding in.

Well, that’s no longer the case my friend. In order to attract new team members you need to get in front of those individuals who may already be working and not surfing the web for a new job.

Going old school and printing out flyers is one of the most cost effective ways to let people know that you have an opening. Yes it’s old school but employed people still wash their clothes in the laundry mat, still go to a grocery store and still occasionally splurge for a Starbucks.

Putting up flyers in these spots will help you cast a bigger net and hopefully drag in some interest.
Make sure when you put up your flyers that your message is compelling to those that already have a job. Sign on bonuses are starting to pop up along with we pay better both may be enticing enough to get someone to pick up the phone and call or perhaps click on a link on your flyer.