Housekeeping Hell Month: Part Two

Pre Game Set Up

Product Sheet:

In order to complete the program you will need the following at a minimum:

A sign, to be posted in the back office one week before the beginning of HHM declaring that the following month will be Housekeeping Hell Month. This sign should include a date and time for a housekeeping meeting where the competition will be explained.

One “I Survived Housekeeping Hell Month” T shirt for each contestant, to be given at the conclusion of the competition

12 Small toys that can be hidden in the rooms during Creature Week

4 $50 gift cards one for the winner of each week

1 $100 gift card for the grand prize winner

1 Gift Basket for the winner of creature week

4 Housekeeping Hell Month Score Sheets, one for each week of the competition

Prior to the commencement of Housekeeping Hell Month (HMM), it is crucial to conduct a comprehensive housekeeping meeting to ensure that the rules and expectations of the competition are clearly communicated to the team. This meeting serves as a platform to set the tone for the upcoming event and establish a framework for the inspections that will take place during HMM.

During the housekeeping meeting, it is important to emphasize to your team that the purpose of HMM is to foster improvement and excellence in their work. It should be made clear that the intention is not to belittle or punish them but rather to help them enhance their skills and raise the bar for cleanliness standards. Communicate the idea that the competition is an opportunity for growth and development, and that their participation is highly valued.

One important aspect to address in the meeting is the inspection process during HMM. Inform your housekeepers that the inspections will be conducted in a QA (Quality Assurance) style, meaning that the evaluations will be rigorous and thorough. Explain that you, as the General Manager, will not hold back on providing critiques of their work, just as a Brand Inspector would. This helps set the expectation that the feedback given will be honest, direct, and aimed at identifying areas of improvement.

It is essential to convey to your housekeepers that the purpose of the inspections is to push them to perform at their best and to strive for excellence. Assure them that the feedback they receive, although potentially critical, is intended to help them grow professionally. Reinforce the idea that the competition is an opportunity for them to showcase their skills and receive valuable guidance that can benefit their career in the long run.

By addressing these expectations in the housekeeping meeting, you help mentally and emotionally prepare your housekeepers for the feedback they may receive during HMM. Some individuals may struggle with hearing negative feedback about their performance, so it is important to emphasize the constructive nature of the criticism. Encourage them to view the feedback as an opportunity for growth rather than personal failure.

Additionally, by openly discussing the tough and critical nature of the inspections, you prepare yourself as the General Manager to deliver the necessary feedback. Mentally preparing yourself to provide harsh criticism allows you to remain focused on the goal of improving cleanliness standards and maintaining a high level of performance throughout HMM.


Holding a housekeeping meeting prior to the start of Housekeeping Hell Month is essential for setting the right tone and expectations for the competition. By clearly explaining the rules, emphasizing the purpose of HMM, and preparing both the housekeepers and yourself for honest and critical feedback, you create an environment conducive to growth, improvement, and success.

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