Housekeeping Hell Month: Part One

Overview: What Is Housekeeping Hell Month?

Housekeeping Hell Month is a month long competition designed to improve cleanliness and increase motivation as well as to target common housekeeping issues and increase GSS scores.

The primary goal of Housekeeping Hell Month is to enhance cleanliness standards throughout the establishment. Teams embark on a comprehensive cleaning campaign, targeting common housekeeping issues that have previously affected GSS. By proactively addressing these concerns, the competition aims to exceed guest expectations and elevate the overall experience of staying or visiting the premises.

Over the course of HHM, each housekeeper will have 12 rooms inspected by their General Manager, 3 per week. The competition is divided into 4 week long contests with one bonus contest taking place during the 4th week.

For each of the 4 weeks of the competition, each housekeeper will be able to earn points based on their performance in the focus area and at the end of each week a prize is awarded to the housekeeper with the highest score.

At the end of the month, after all four contests have concluded, one final winner will be crowned the “King/Queen of Housekeeping Hell Month” and receive the grand prize.

Additionally, there is a bonus competition during week four in which small toy “creatures” will be hidden throughout the rooms. Each housekeeper should have the opportunity to find the same number of creatures each day, and the housekeeper who finds the most creatures by the end of the final week will win a prize, as well as the title of “Hell Month Creature Catcher”

To ensure the success of Housekeeping Hell Month, comprehensive planning and organization are key. The competition should be well-structured, with clearly defined goals, guidelines, and evaluation criteria. Regular progress assessments, feedback sessions, and recognition of achievements keep participants engaged and motivated throughout the month-long journey. Additionally, providing resources, equipment, and support to teams enables them to overcome challenges and achieve exceptional results.


Housekeeping Hell Month is an exciting and transformative competition that aims to enhance cleanliness, increase motivation, and target common housekeeping issues with the ultimate goal of improving GSS. By fostering collaboration, instilling motivation, and implementing effective strategies, this event elevates the standards of housekeeping while driving the overall success of the organization.

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