Housekeeping Hell Month: Part Four

Your Role in Your Teams Success

The two most important factors in your teams success during Housekeeping Hell Month and the results it produces are Consistency and Honesty!


You must make the commitment to thoroughly inspect the three rooms per housekeeper per week.

We all know that “Hotel Happens” and some days will be easier than others, but you absolutely must make it a priority to complete your HHM inspections every day or the entire program falls apart.

If you cannot consistently show up and perform your inspections, you will either not be able to complete your 3 rooms per housekeeper per week, or you will be forced to inspect multiple rooms for the same housekeeper in one day, which does not give that team member enough time between inspections to absorb and reflect on your comments and findings during the inspection.

The goal is to inspect a room and show the housekeeper what needs to be improved on so that they can take that information and do better during their next inspection. If you inspect two rooms back to back that the housekeeper has already cleaned in one day, then you don’t allow them to improve between rooms. This defeats the purpose of the program and is frankly unfair to your team.

In addition to this, if you are not consistently performing your inspections, your team will not take the program seriously.


Simple. They can see that you are not taking seriously, so why should they?


During your inspections, you must be honest in your findings and you cannot hold back or try to save anyone’s feelings.

Remember the purpose of HHM. You are trying to make your team better at what they do. Lying to them about their performance doesn’t do them any favors because they will not improve and it doesn’t do you any favors because you will not see the results after the program is complete.

Bottom line is, if you’re not honest during your HHM inspections, you are wasting your time and you are wasting your team’s time.

Remember also that HMM is a competition. If you are not 100% honest during your inspections, how can the competition possibly be fair?

Know this: Your housekeepers want to win. If you don’t judge their rooms fairly, they will know it. If you are easy on them to spare their feelings, they will wonder what you are letting slide in the other rooms that you are inspecting.

In short, if you are not honest, your team will know it and they will know that the competition is arbitrary.

This not only disengages them from the program, because why care about this competition if the judge isn’t fair anyways, but it may also result in bad feelings between team members.

If Jenny thinks Billy won HMM just because he’s your favorite, that is not conducive to a healthy team environment and defeats the purpose of the program.

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