Hospitality 101

What’s Hospitality 101?

Taking care of others is Hospitality 101. Sounds simple but it’s not. Some people are easy, they are an open book and will tell you what they want… some not so much. What’s the first step in uncovering your guests needs… ask questions! Sounds simple but too often we think one size fits all and take it from a plus sized guy, it does not.

Ask open ended questions at check in like “what’s bringing you to town?” Listen to the answer and engage. Observe what your guest is telling you, are they walking with a cane? Maybe ask, “would you like to be near the evaluator landing and save some steps?” Do they have children with them if so…”how about a room on the first floor making easier to get to the pool?”

I get it, some people like to chat and have fun, some need to get to their room NOW! Read the room. Chat with every one who will let you and be respectful to those not who will not.

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One thought on “Hospitality 101”

  1. Patrick avatar Patrick says:

    Great post Jim!
    Anticipating and uncovering guest needs is the key to success!

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